Application Guidance

The following guidance may be helpful when you come to apply for a job with us at STAR Housing.

How you complete your application form can affect whether you are shortlisted for an interview.

To demonstrate you have the right skills you should:

  • Use the job description to tell us how you have the relevant experience required for the job. Providing brief examples from your employment history is a fantastic way of demonstrating this.
  • Use the person specification to show us that you have the relevant qualifications, skills and required in the job. Don’t forget to give details of any professional development or work related training you’ve undertaken.
  • Please provide details of your complete job history, starting with the most recent first.  Please ensure you have told us about any gaps in your employment history.
  • We need two employment references within the last two years, and one must be from your most recent employer.
  • Although CV’s can be uploaded in support of your application, you must complete all sections of the online application form.
  • You can upload a copy of your LinkedIn profile in support of your application, however, you must ensure you have completed all sections of the online application form.


We can only use the information you have provided on your application form to assess your suitability for the job, so please ensure it is up to date and relevant for the role you are applying for.

Good luck with your application.